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Profile Awards.

We have received many awards and recognition for our work and commitment to clients.
Some of the most important awards are:
  • SPECIAL AWARDS for best comprehensive branding campaign of the decadewon at the Brand Fair – February 2010.
    Client: Telekom Srbija
  • TABOO MAGAZINE ANNUAL AWARD for best examples of TV advertisements – March 2010.
    Client: Telekom Srbija
  • ANNUAL AWARD – wall calendar “For your good” – March 2010.
    Client: Dunav Insurance Company
  • FIRST PRIZE for 2010 Calendars - “For your good”, awarded by a four-member jury at the exhibition of the best New Year calendars and greeting cards – February 2010.
    Client: Dunav Insurance Company
  • THE BEST TV AD OF THE DECADE IN SERBIA - “10 years connected to you“, designed for Telekom Srbija–The “Night of Ad Eaters” in Belgrade – an event dedicated to best national and international commercials – 2009.
    Client: Telekom Srbija
  • TABOO MAGAZINE RECOGNITION for the 2009 Photo Wall Calendar.
    Client: Telekom Srbija – 2009.
  • UEPS RECOGNITION for development and promotion of Serbian advertizing practice internationally – received for the regional campaign “Gradual savings” - 2008.
    Client: NLB Group
  • UEPS GOLDEN AWARD – for continuous and adequate use of market communications in the campaign “Connected to you” – 2008.
    Client: Telekom Srbija
  • UEPS SILVER AWARD for CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility: “By investing in yourself, you are helping others“– 2008.
    Client:Telekom Srbija
  • UEPS Award for the contribution to the profession - Regional Conference “Value of the Corporate Brand in Financial Services – How to Create and Manage Winning Branding Strategy” – 2008.
  • PROFILE AGENCY WON the best TV advertisement award for “Telekom Srbija – 10 years connected to you“, at “Beovizija 2008” Festival, held in Belgrade on March 2008.
    Client:  Telekom Srbija
  • THE FIRST PRIZE for 2008 Rip Wall Calendar designed for “Telekom Srbija“ was awarded to Profile Agency, at the exhibition of the best New Year calendars and and greeting cards held in the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.
    Client: Telekom Srbija 
  • PROFILE AGENCY WON the best TV advertisement award for TV ad “10 years connected to you”designed for “Telekom Srbija”, at the 8th Night of Ad Eaters” - an event an event dedicated to best national and international commercials – 2007.
    Client: Telekom Srbija
  • THE FIRST PRIZE for best multimedia corporate event in 2007 for organization of the 10 year anniversary of Telekom Srbija – “10 years connected to you“ – 2007. The prize was awarded by Taboo – a Serbian communications and marketing magazine.
    Client: Telekom Srbija