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I n recent years, Profile has organized a number of “in-house” seminars, lectures and training on business communication, leadership and new management philosophies and practices. Our trainers, in addition to theoretical knowledge, have rich experience in practice. All “in-house” seminars are followed by a number of creative workshops that address specific problems of our client. At the end of a seminar, specific measures for business process/function improvement are proposed to the client based on the results achieved at the workshops. Participants of our seminars rate them as very useful and, most importantly, very, applicable.


Bryan Foss, Merlin Stone:
CRM in Financial Services

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During the two-day conference on “Branding Serbia”, organized by Profile in November 2004, participants had the opportunity to learn from leading experts on branding in the world. Various topics that were covered at the conference gave a good insight into the latest developments in this area. At the same time, local experts and businessmen were encouraged to reflect on what needs to be done to create a competitive Serbian brand, and how to brand Serbia.

The first regional conference dedicated to Customer Relations Management (CRM) and branding “Value of the Corporate Brand in Financial Services: How to Create and Manage Winning Brand Strategy“, was organized by Profile in Sava Centar, on October 9-10. Special guests and speakers at the conference, Prof. Merlin Stone, Phd. and Bryan Foss, Phd, experts in the field of CRM and marketing communications, gave detailed insight into the function and importance of Customer Relations Management in financial services. The conference was attended by more than 80 participants from the country and the region, most of whom were marketing, HR, sales and PR managers in financial organizations. They gained new and shared existing experiences in the field of marketing and CRM development.